Retrofiting ECS Controller System into 3000gt / Stealth Using TechWorks Controller


 ECS System Retrofit

The Tech Works controller can also be used in 1996, 1997, 1998 or 1999 Mitsubishi 3000gt or Stealth cars that do not have the Mitsubishi Factory OEM ECS system.  It allows you to be able to retrofit the electronically controllable struts back into these later model year 3000gt cars or earlier model year cars that did not come with the ecs option.  

To do the ECS Retrofit into   3000gt or Stealth you:

·         Remove your  non-ecs struts and replace them with  Mitsubishi 1995 model year standard factory OEM ECS struts & mounting hardware.  You can use the OEM Springs or use after market springs such as Teins.

·         Install  the Techworks Controller and connect it to your vehicle +12v & Ground

·         Run a 4 wire cable from the controller to each of the 4 struts

·         Run  6 wires  from the controller  to your console area for connecting the LED display, Tour/Sport Lights and  the Push button ECS Switch .

 The Complete TechWorks ECS Retrofit Manual Can Be Found Here:  3000gt / Stealth ECS Retrofit Using Techworks Controller

Retrofit Overview

When doing a retrofit using the Techworks ECS controller you have the following  options for doing the retrofit 

        o  Status Display Lights and Controls:

o    Push button Control Switch:  you can retrofit in and use  an OEM Factory ECS pushbutton switch (that you provide)  or you can use an aftermarket simple Pushbutton switch that you mount in any location you choose.

 o The pushbutton switch needed is a single pole normally open / momentary closed type.

 o   If you want to retrofit in the OEM pushbutton switch there are instructions in this manual on which pins to use

o    Sport /Tour Status Lights or TechWorks LEDs – you can do just one or both of these options

 o Sport / Tour lights:  you can the existing factory Tour/Sport light mounting location in the console and wire up OEM lights or you can use a simple small single color LED & resistor in the factory location instead. You can also mount these two lights in a custom location of your choice

·         The Sport / Tour Lights are connected to the controller using 3 wires  - two power wires & a common ground wire

·         For LED choices search on Amazon for “LED with Resistor”

  Techworks 4 LED Multi-color Display  - This a Techworks option and these LEDS are special multi-color programmable/controllable LEDs.  For these you would custom mount in a location of your choosing.  There is a small version & a large version of these leds. 

·         The Techworks 4 LEDs are connected to the controller using 3 wires  - a Data signal wire , +5v wire , Ground wire.


         o  Connecting Everything: Wiring runs and wiring harness

o    Since your doing a retrofit – it means that your car doesn’t have the OEM wiring runs and wiring harness plugs to plug into the controller. 

o    You will have to install & connect the wiring runs for the switches, lights,  LEDs and struts as needed.

o    The Techworks controller has two different sets of wiring ports that are supported.  You can use either of these to accomplish the retrofit

o 24 PIN Techworks Molex Retrofit Connector Adapter Harness

o  The Techworks Controller has a 24 pin Molex port that has everything you need to support all the combinations possible.

o   You can order the adapter harness from Techworks or you can use  an 24 PIN ATX Motherboard Power supply cable to plug into this port.  If you order this from Techworks is will come with all the leads labeled.

o   If want to use the Techworks LEDs  OR if you want to hack the controller software and use the I2C communications buss then you must use this connector


o Using Factory OEM F12 / F13 Connector Ports

o  If want to do a “pure” oem retrofit then you can cut the F12/F13 connector ends off the factory wiring harness for a car that originally came with ECS.  The F12/F13 Connectors plug into the Factory ECS controller and the Techworks unit directly supports these connectors for the plug n play OEM replacement option

o  A limitation of using just the F12/F13 connectors is that you will only be able to retrofit using the sport /tour lights.  You will not be able to wire up the LEDs  nor will you have access to I2C buss if you want to hack the controller.



Retrofit System Diagram Using The 24 Pin Molex Retrofit Adapter