Mitsubishi 3000gt / Dodge Stealth ECS Suspension Controller

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Renegade Techworks is proud to announce that it is now an open source product for it's aftermarket Mitsubishi 3000gt / Dodge Stealth ECS controllers.
You can still buy the TechWorks ECS Controller from TechWorks with a 6 month warranty just like before. The Techworks controller is an OEM plug n play replacement for your Mitsubishi factory controller and is ready to go out of the box .
But now under open source you also have access to the electrical schematics and the complete source code that is used to build and program the firmware in TechWorks ECS controllers. The TechWorks ECS controllers are programmed using the Arduino Open Source IDE platform. So if you want to hack your controller or build one from scratch your welcome to use the Techworks design and Source Code to do so. It's all free to use you don't have to buy anything.


Drop in Replacement For Existing Mitsubishi 3000gt / Dodge Stealth Factory ECS controller

For all cars prior to 1996 that already have the Mitsubishi 3000gt Factory ECS system, the Tech Works controller can be used as a drop in replacement for your factory Mitsubishi 3000gt OEM ECS controller. It is a direct aftermarket replacement for the Mitsubishi OEM MB629056 part number.
The Tech Works controller uses the existing 3000gt ECS factory wiring harness & front panel Tour/Sport lights & ECS push button Switch. You don't need to add or wire anything. Just unplug the original and plug in the Tech Works Controller
Benefits of the TechWorks 3000gt ECS replacement controller:
o It costs less than the factory Mitsubishi 3000gt ECS unit.
o You have access to the TechWorks on-demand diagnostic mode using your existing ECS push button select switch and the SPORT & TOUR lights for display. For a demonstration see: Tech Works ECS Controller Diagnostic Demo
o Manual Mode: Complete manual control operation - unlike the factory unit. You can user select the struts to Soft , Medium or Hard mode.
o Auto Mode: The new Model 03 Unit has an automated mode that uses an integrated 6 axis accellerometer. In auto mode the techworks ECS controller will automatically adjust the individual stiffness settings of each of the struts depending upon the g-forces the car is experiencing
o Since The TechWorks controller is a completely self contained unit & has it's own integrated accelerometer for auto mode, it does not need & bypasses all the factory Sensors. Quite often it's one of the factory sensors that can cause a malfunction in the OEM system.
o Unique to Techworks: You have access to the MEDIUM hardness mode settings on your struts which is not available as a user selectable mode in the Mitsubishi factory OEM ECS controller.
o The Techworks Model 03 Controller comes with integrated LED status indicator & diagnostic lights .
o You have the option of adding the 4 multi-color remote LED status indicator lights . See the ECS Retrofit descriptions and demonstrations below for more info.
o To use the Renegade Tech Works Controller as replacement for your factory Mitsubishi 3000gt ECS controller is super easy - just unplug and remove your old 3000gt ECS controller and Plug the existing factory wiring harness connectors into the Tech Works controller and you're done.

The Techworks ECS Controller has eight different modes of operation (Link to User Guide)

o Mode 1: Manual Mode: Allows you to manually set and lock the struts into Hard, Medium or Soft stiffness settings
o Mode 2: Auto Mode: Controller will automatically adjust the stiffness of the struts based on G forces being experienced
o Mode 3: Set LED Brightness: Lets you adjust the default LED brightness if you have the add-on led display
o Mode 4: Set Default Startup: Lets you save the current mode (auto or manual) as the default startup mode
o Mode 5: Read Diagnostics: will use the Sport/Tour lights to display any fault conditions that have been detected
o Mode 6: Run Diagnostics: will execute a test of each strut & display results on the Sport/Tour lights & LEDs
o Mode 7: Set Auto Mode G Force Thresholds: Lets you adjust the G-Forces transition levels for auto mode
o Mode 8: Logging Mode: enables logging via the ECS communications port.


Mitsubishi 3000gt ECS System Retrofit

The Tech Works controller was originally developed to be used in 1996, 1997, 1998 or 1999 Mitsubishi 3000gt or Stealth cars that do not have the Mitsubishi Factory 3000gt ECS system. It allows you to be able to retrofit the electronically controllable struts back into these later model year 3000gt cars.
To do the TechWorks Mitsubishi 3000gt ECS retrofit into a late model 3000gt you:
o Remove your non-ecs struts and replace them with Mitsubishi 1995 model year standard factory Mitsubishi 3000gt ECS struts & mounting hardware. You can use the 3000gt Factory Springs for the ECS struts or use after market springs such as Teins H or S-Techs.
o Install this custom controller and connect it to your vehicle +12v & Ground
o Run a 4 wire cable from the controller to each of the 4 struts
o Run 5 wires from the controller for LED display & Push Button Switch Selector to your console area and install the provided LEDs .
o Your done.
Now you will have manual tactile control in the cockpit using a pushbutton switch to adjust the struts to Hard, Medium or Soft , plus a display using the multi-colored LEDs and on demand diagnostic mode. For a demonstration see: TechWorks ECS Controller LED Status Lights & Rotary Selector Demonstration


TechWorks ECS Components















TechWorks Integrated Status & Diagnostic LEDs